Thomasville Homes.

Thomasville Homes simplifies the home building process, building high quality new homes while providing the homeowner the greatest value for their money. We also beautifully renovate previously owned homes to our new home standards in Anne Arundel County faster than other builders.   We believe that our experience and attention to detail distinguish us from the rest of the homebuilding and remodeling industry.

Our efficient building process makes it possible for us to build a new home in as little as 60-90 days and our renovations much quicker. Our builders are highly trained and experienced in Maryland real estate, home building and renovation. Tom Neidert, the owner of Thomasville Homes, is personally involved in every home we create and is on every job we take on. He personally oversees each home and project from start to finish ensuring each is delivered to our clients with 100% satisfaction!

We’ve been licensed since 1995 with the MD Home Improvement Commission, and have received no complaints.

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